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Tamina Beausoleil born in 1971. She lives and works in Paris (France), she likes black chocolat, cats, books,  champagne and drawings.

 Since ten years, through the practice of drawing and collage,  she has participated in numerous collectives exhibitions in Paris, differents regions in France and abroad, and she has collaboreted at 

publishing different web articles  and  books of artists.

" Femmes sauvages, Femme louche, etc., Histoires sales, many drawings where Tamina Beausoleil explores the human body, be it organic, erotic, or fantasy."

Céline Duchéné for France Culture,  a radio emission : L'Encyclopédie pratique des Mauvais Genres on saturday 9 april 2016 (interview starting at 6,13)

La révolution lascive, 2015
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