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Tamina Sutra


A small series of 45 erotics and anatomicals drawings, which is actualy a work in progress.

(collage, ink, watercolour on paper, 15 X 20 cm)


The first drawings were on Moleskine's paper and was published in Editions Derrière la Salle de Bains. Tamina Sutra, 2015

"Tamina Beausoleil knows how to keep intact the choc of the meeting, of the seisure and the fire of discovering were bodies 

find a harmony. They give themselves totaly, intensely linked by the force of art, this needs deep and light to "fulfil".  There remains powerful exchanges, almost impossible, of the crasy meeting, incontrolable, and nevertheless always the same, in the releasing of forms and the shimmering waters of half-dreams, where bodies sliding between one and another."

J-P Gavart-Perret, Pleins, liés et déliés de Tamina Beausoleil in Salon Litté



Tamina Sutra n°0, 2014
Tama Sutra n°1, 2015
Tama Sutra n°3, 2015
Tama Sutra n°4, 2015
Tama Sutra, n°5, 2016
Ed. Derrière la salle de bain
Ed. Derrière la salle de bain
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